Analytical Systems


With respect to the new approach of ABB in Iran, Sandroos Sanat has been successful to achieve ABB Channel Partnership in various fields including Design, Supply & Manufacturing of Analyzer Systems.

Due to wide range of ABB products in analytical instrumentation, apart from in house integration of analytical systems, Sandroos is able to provide all services including the provision of supplying, spare parts, installation, commissioning and also maintenance of even out-of-date products.

In addition, Sandroos is official and exclusive representative of BACS/Russia for gas chromatography and exclusive agent of STEAM EQUIPMENTS who makes Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) and some parts of the sampling systems including high temperature & high pressure Sample Coolers etc. 
With respect to the knowledge and experience of our highly qualified engineering team, equipment selection and sampling system design is performed independently in house, without any support from external resources.

In addition, the company is running with trained experts in an equipped factory located in Payam Airport Special Economic Zone, near Tehran, hence all the manufacturing and sampling system integration for environmental or process application is doing locally.

Below indicates our abilities in designing, manufacturing and supplying several types of industrial analytical systems for various applications:

  • Process Gas Chromatography (PGC)
  • Process Gas and Liquid Analyzer
  • Physical Property Analyzer (RVP, Pour Point, MON, RON)
  • Sulfur and Moisture Analyzer
  • Continues Gas Analyzer (CGA)
  • Sampling Systems and Walk-in Shelters
  • Analyzer House Package Integration
  • Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS)
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS)