CEG Electronica industrial S.P.A
CEG Elettronica industrial S.P.A was established in 1965 in Italy and since then has played a significant role UPS technology development. Now with more than 50 years of trust worthy worldwide reputation, CEG is one the world’s leading companies in manufacturing of AC and DC uninterruptable power supplies. Development of AC and DC UPS systems by adoption of conventional configuration namely as rectifier –inverter ad static switch by using semiconductors and SCR along with PWM control method, is what made CEG products trustable and cost effective and consequently popular around the world.
Nowadays using CEG products are getting more epidemic in Iran Oil & Gas industry as powerful, fast, customer oriented after sale services provided by SANDROOS (as the exclusive agency) has coupled with CEG products with in Iran territory.
  • Rectifier Battery Charger-Type UBC
Single-phase and three – phases 24-48-110-220 Vdc rectifier charger from 25 to 2000A with electronic control in single or double branch version, with drop cells and/or electric stabilizer.
  • Inventors and AC UPS System-Type ACU1/ACU3
PWM transistor and IGBT technology
     - Single-phase UPS system 5 to 150 KVA
     - Three phase UPS systems 5 KVA to 400 KVA and parallel Up to 8 units, equipped with standby line, static switch and manual BYPASS line.
  • Transportable 50 to 1000A Battery Dischargers