PETROL Instruments S.r.l

PETROL Instruments History and Capabilities

Unique Italian manufacturer who has developed innovative technology of rotating float for the volumetric measurement of liquids, "PETROL Instruments" PD flow meters are today available for the measurement of all the liquids industrially utilized a range of models so wide, either in the standard version or in the jacketed version, to meet, even contemporary, severe operating conditions.
During the years "PETROL Instruments" has accumulated a very strong experience in the production of PD flow meters suitable for the heaviest operating conditions in the more different industrial fields.
Petrol Instruments manufactures all parts of PD meters, master meters and basket strainers in house in their factory in Aprillia.
In addition, a complete solution for batching system inclusive of set-stop valves and supervisory monitoring systems can be provided.
Petrol Instruments PD meter and master meters are certified by global authorities to use in custody transfer applications.

PETROL Instruments Products PD Flow Meters for Liquids


  • Always Reliable
  • Excellent Performances
  • No Metal to Metal Contacts
  • Few Moving Parts in the Measuring Unit
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Very Reduced Maintenance
  • Long Life


  • Single case construction up to 4 inches
  • Double case construction up to 16 inches and max flow rate up to 1800 m3/h
  • Floating type rotors
  • Different construction materials
  • Carbon bearings to support the rotors shafts
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Intrinsically capability to measure very viscous liquids
  • Mechanical or electronic counter
  • Transmitter output with EExi certification