As of late 2016, Sandroos was assigned as ABB’s authorized channel partner in Iran in charge of ABB Measurement and Analytics products.

Based on ABB’s sales strategies, the channel partners are authorized for marketing, selling and providing after sales services to Iranian clients. Therefore, Sandroos is authorized to supply ABB Measurement and Analytics products which include:

  • Analytical Measurement
  • Flow Computers & Remote Controllers
  • Flow Measurement Products
  • Level Measurement Products
  • Temperature Measurement Products
  • Pressure Measurement Products
  • Recorders and Controllers
  • Positioners and IP Converters
  • Weighing
  • Actuators
  • Diesel Engine Monitoring
  • Flatness Control
  • Roll Force Measurement
  • Strip Tension Measurement
  • Strip Width and Positioning
  • Thickness Gauging
  • Web Tension Measurement

Thanks to the high quality support provided by ABB to the channel partners, Sandroos engineers are capable to provide technical services including products selection, solution providing and post delivery services such as supervision on commissioning and configuration of Instruments, Flow Computers and Analyzers.

Our experienced engineers in Sandroos Metering Systems and Analytical departments are fully familiar with design and integration of Metering Systems, Analyzer Sampling Systems and Shelters as per API specific standards.